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The Law Office of Joel Rabb & Associates provides comprehensive professional and general legal services with a personal touch.

Comprehensive Legal Counsel For Businesses & Individuals

Our law firm was built on the principle of providing comprehensive legal representation with an unmatched level of attention and tenacity. Our business and individual clients look to our law firm to ensure that their commercial and personal legal needs are met and the best possible outcome is achieved. 

Our firm focuses on Business, DUI, Personal Injury, Motorcycle Law, Estate Planning, and Medical Malpractice.


The Law Office of Joel Rabb & Associates has successfully litigated hundreds of cases and negotiated extensively on behalf of our clients of all sizes in a wide variety of legal situations.  Trust our skilled legal team to represent you. 


The Law Office of Joel Rabb & Associates knows that many times a legal problem can seem detrimental to your well being and in many cases can have real implications on your future. Our legal team believes that your well being is a top priority. 


Winning over 1,000 legal cases does not define our success; winning your case does. Our legal team has one goal, and that is making sure that your case receives the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Business Law

Contracts, disputes, business formations, we provide comprehensive legal representation for our commercial clients. Our business-savvy lawyers assess all aspects of the focus, structure, and potential life cycle of your company and offer sound legal advice to ensure your legal situation has a favorable result for your Illinois business in any situation. 

Real Estate Law

Advising and representing Chicagoland companies in real estate transactions and litigation are strengths of our business law practice. Our experience and in-depth knowledge in all areas of property law extend to residential real estate. We represent buyers and sellers in transactions to eliminate the legal guesswork and protect the interests of our real estate clients.

Estate Planning

It is never too late, or too early, to plan for the future. Creating an estate plan is critical to protecting your family and ensuring that your assets will be handled according to your wishes. Our firm understands the complexities of estate planning and the many personal decisions that the process involves. We will analyze your assets and goals to create a plan that best suits your interests.

Motorcycle Law

As a life long motorcycle enthusiast, Joel Rabb has experienced things on two wheels most people have not.  This unique perspective is what gives Joel Rabb a level of expertise in legal issues and cases that motorcyclists face when they get into an accident or get a ticket while on two wheels.

Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury law requires experience and attention to details not often given by other attorneys looking to settle your case quickly.  The laws allow the injured party to receive maximum compensation for damages caused by someone else’s actions.

Medical Malpractice

Unfortunately, health care providers can also make mistakes. When mistakes are made, the effects can be devastating. When mistakes happen, you are entitled to compensation. Trust the compassionate legal team at Joel Rabb & Associates to fight for you in your time of need.

DUI Defense

If you have been detained for driving under the influence in Illinois, you need an aggressive and experienced defense lawyer. Every DUI stays with you throughout your life. That is why the experience and knowledge of your attorney are critical.

Commercial Law

Our clients include both large national companies as well as small local businesses. Our business-savvy attornies advise our clients in contracts, ownership disputes, and disputes with customers and creditors, and we can represent you in selling or buying a business.

Business Formation

Creating a relationship with a trusted legal advisor from the beginning is critical. Our Business-savvy attornies help create business entities, such as corporations, partnerships, and joint ventures.  We will guide you through the different business types to ensure your business is set up to succeed.

Why should you hire Joel Rabb as your attorney?

When you are hiring an attorney for yourself or your business, trust should be the critical factor. Ask yourself, will my attorney work diligently, in my best interest, fight to ensure my legal needs are met?
When you hire Joel Rabb & Associates, you are not only getting an attorney; you are gaining a trusted advisor that will fight on your behalf.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out for a free no-obligation consultation on your unique situation.

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