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About Law Office of Joel Rabb & Associates

Financial considerations are a major aspect of nearly all legal concerns. This is self-evident when your legal questions involve your business, real estate and estate planning concerns. We formed the Law Office of Joel Rabb & Associates to provide individuals, merchants, entrepreneurs and other clients with a legal resource to strategically and proactively relieve legal burdens in these often interrelated areas. We have built a reputation for our drive to earn favorable results for our clients with maximum cost-efficiency.

Wide-Ranging Legal Knowledge, Focused On Protecting Your Business And Personal Interests

We represent companies of all sizes throughout the Greater Chicago metropolitan area. Our business and commercial law clients range from entrepreneurs starting new ventures to large corporations who rely upon us for our business-savvy legal experience. Our lawyers offer thorough legal analysis, clear communication and sound, business-oriented legal judgment at each step. Our business law practice is fortified by our knowledge and experience in the areas of real estate law and estate planning and probate.

We have built a solid reputation for our dedication to providing proactive, strategic legal advice in the areas of business law, real estate law and estate planning and probate.

Lawyer Joel Rabb  started Law Office of Joel Rabb & Associates in 2012. He has a background as an underwriting attorney with a major title company. He is the consummate trial lawyer. His general litigation skills include a drive for thorough preparation, backed by his strong trial skills in presenting evidence, legal arguments and strategies to protect the interests of our clients. To learn more about our attorney’s qualifications, please follow the lawyer biography links below.

  • Joel Emery Rabb

To arrange a free initial consultation with the trusted lawyers at Law Office of Joel Rabb & Associates, contact us online or call 312-858-4350. We are committed to understanding your goals and providing proactive solutions for your legal issues.